Under New Management

Written by Ed on . Posted in News

No, we’re not leaving NASCO or anything like that, but we did have an IT guy move into the house who’s taking charge of our online presence (and trying to make us actively have one). Neither Facebook, nor Twitter, nor this site shall remain untouched or unhandled, but rest assured like the oncoming glorious dawn of spring this website shall blossom forth once more into a magnificent rebirth.

In all seriousness, this site hasn’t been updated in a while and is in general a pretty standard WP install. We’d like to change that, and we’re working to make it happen. We’re also going to be doing more with these fancy social media tools, so follow @planktonhouse and @wondermoth.

For all of you who have been commenting on posts lately, we do have a bit of a moderation queue to work through, and most of them may be tossed since they seem to have been made a while ago. If you have questions about the house, please email contact@nickelcitycoop.org, or membership@nickelcitycoop.org if you’re interested in applying.

Ol Wondermoth (208 North St) has potlucks every Wednesday night at 7pm; drop by with a dish and meet folks. Plankton has their weekly potluck on Sunday at 7pm; feel free to give them some love too.

Stay tuned.