Membership Application

The Application:

This is just the first part of the application process. In addition to filling out this application, we also ask that you:
– Attend two potluck dinners (preferably one at each house).
– Attend a house meeting prior to the one where you get voted on, so as to understand the way the houses are run.
– Try to meet everyone at the house you’re applying to. These might be your future housemates and friends, and it’s a good idea to try to get to know them first.

Please complete this application honestly and thoroughly. Make it interesting! Your application will be read by all the current co-op members. We know that you’re more complex than words on a page, but try to give us a sense of who you are.

The houses vote on the prospective members that are ready to be voted on first. Because you filled out an application before someone else does not mean you will be voted on before them; whomever finishes the whole membership application process first will get voted on first.

We will not discriminate based on age, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, marital status, familial status, occupation, income, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

Please also read the Membership FAQ for further information on our housing co-op.

Please note that fields marked with an * are required.


Email Address*

Snail Mail Address*

Phone Number*

Permanent Address
If different from Snail Mail

Which house do you hope to move in to?*
 Ol' Wondermoth (208 North St) Plankton House (126 Fargo Ave) Undecided

When would you ideally like to move in?*

What is your anticipated length of stay?*
(You might want to note that we ask for a one year lease)

How long would you like us to keep your application on file?*

How did you hear about us?*
We really like to know this one to help us better find awesome house members!

Please provide references for your two most recent living situations.*
If unavailable, please explain. If prior housing is a dorm, include dorm and RA name.

Demographic Info

This is to let us know who we appeal to so we can further expand our outreach.

Please select your annual income range.*
Keeping track of this information is important for our status as a provider of affordable housing. We will not share this information with others. How much do you make each year?
 Less than or equal to $23,700 Between $23,701 and $28,440 Between $28,441 and $37,900 Above $37,900

If you are a student, what year are you?
Feel free to also include what school you attend and what your area of study is.

Fun Get to Know You Questions

These will help us get a feel for who you are.

Why are you considering the co-op? What expectations do you have from living at Nickel City?*

Do you have any allergies you want us to know about?

Do you...*
 Smoke? Have pets? (We recognize that service animals are not pets) None of the above

What is your favorite joke?*

Do you have any questions you'd like to ask us?
About the application, the house, finances, anything. Go nuts. We can further discuss your inquiries in person or via e-mail.

The next step…

…is to come to dinner! We ask for two dinners and a meeting as a minimum chance to get to know you in person. At the meeting we will conduct the second half of the application process, which will involve some more conversational questions about things like conflict resolution, diversity, cooking and cleaning, and your interests or skills. We’ll also have time to discuss any questions that you have about the co-op.