NCHC summer 2015 internship postings

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Nickel City Housing Cooperative in currently has two open internship postings through NASCO for the summer of 2015! The internships are compensated either through room and board, or a living wage of $13/hr.

The following individuals are eligible to participate in the Cooperative Internship Network:
• Current members of NASCO Active Member cooperatives
• Former members of NASCO Active Member cooperatives who were members in the past 3 years
• Current, dues-paying Individual Members of NASCO
• NASCO Institute 2010-2014 attendees
• Individuals who are sponsored by a NASCO Associate Member organization

Learn more here:

Nickel City Housing Cooperative Policy Improvement Coordinator

Worker Cooperative Development Center Administrative Consultant

Applications are due by March 23rd, 2015! Apply for the positions through the links above.

Epic Halloween Party in a Haunted Mansion

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If you’ve ever been in the Elmwood-Allentown area you’ve probably seen the big red brick mansion on the southeast corner of North St. and Elmwood Ave. This Friday, Oct. 31st starting at 9pm the residents are hosting their annual Halloween party (which is also a fundraiser), with music by DJ Bootyhammer, Mink, Hooked on Casiophonics, DJ Jerome and a fire performance. Entry is $5 with a costume, $7 without.


Most people don’t know that it is the historic E.W. Granger mansion, built for the Granger family in 1886. Here are some other things you might not know about the building:


  • Since 2001 it is home to the Nickel City Housing Cooperative, where approximately 14 people live collectively, and the house is known as “Ol’ Wondermoth”—an anagram of “Elmwood” and “North.” (There is a 2nd Nickel City Coop house called “Plankton” at Fargo Ave. & Jersey St.)
  • There are quite a few traditions that are upheld at the house, such as weekly Wednesday potlucks stretching back almost 10 years (and still open to the community), Room Hop parties where residents travel from one theme-decorated room to another throughout the night, and epic Halloween parties every October.
  • Many consider the house to be haunted.


On that last point: It has been a tradition for as long as anyone can remember that common food—food that is free for anyone to eat (as opposed to personal items which get labeled with people’s initials or nicknames)—is labeled “Ed” or “Ed’s,” a reference to the first and longest resident of the house, and the building’s namesake: Edmund W. Granger. For most people it was a kind of goofy, fun way to put food up for grabs while remembering the history of the house. It invokes a feeling that Ed is still around, in some form or another, and that the common food is his tribute. Some folks thought that his spirit remained in the house (where he also died), while others thought it was a gimmick.


Nickel City Alumni Victoria, who lived at Ol’ Wondermoth from 2009 to 2013, tells the story of the clairvoyant nun who shed some light on the spirit situation around 2012:

“It was when there was a priest a priest living in the house and the priest has a friend who was a nun, who was conveniently a clairvoyant. The nun came by one day and walked through the house… the story that I heard was that there were five spirits in Wondermoth. There is the ghost of Ed Granger, one of the most prominent spirits in the house. He was a very vain and arrogant man. Whenever there is a glass that breaks, specifically in the kitchen—which would happen in bouts where one day a bunch of glasses would break, fall off the shelf or whatever—its because he’s not feeling like he’s getting enough attention. It’s significant because of the whole institutional practice of calling thing’s ‘Ed’s…’”

—I explained that part of the story—

“…Right, so then… the second ghost that lives on the staircase I believe is Ed Granger’s mistress. And I think she was a maid, and his mistress. The third is a baby somewhere. The fourth is a lost war veteran, I think it’s World War One. Then there’s the ‘dark spirit’ that lives on the top floor that was always a spirit and never a person.”


Creepy. Especially for the folks that live on the top floor that believe in spooky spirits.


So… wanna party in a historic, possibly haunted mansion that has been home to dozens of people in the local cooperative community? The top floor is off limits for the party, and there won’t be any tours, but you can party with the ghost of Ed Granger all night long. (details here) See you Friday.





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Nickel City Housing Coop is holding it’s annual Halloween party, which is also a fundraiser to send people to NASCO Institute!

The party will be on Halloween (Friday, 10/31) at Nickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol’ Wondermoth, from 9PM to 3AM. The theme will be SCIENCE! That includes any kind of science; biology, chemistry, anthropology, science fiction, pseudo-science, science fantasy, science fact, sciiiieeeeeeeeencccceeeeeeeeeeee.

There will be hand crafted beverages, music by Mink, Hooked on Casiophonics, DJ Bootyhammer, a fire performance and closing out the night is DJ JEROME as always! 

Entry will be $5 with costume and $7 without. All money raised pays for registration and transport to Ann Arbor, MI for a conference on cooperatives of all kinds. Learn more here;

We have a Culture is Not a Costume policy. People wearing questionably culturally misappropriated costumes will not be allowed in without a serious conversation and possibly changing of the costume. Questions? Check out THIS ARTICLE on racist costumes. Thank you for respecting traditionally marginalized peoples.

Check out the party on the facebook event page!


NCHC halloween poster_12x18_color

2nd Annual Collective Arthropoda art exhibit

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Starting a tradition of art shows at Nickel City Housing Coops’ Plankton House, we are hosting yet another edition of Collective Arthropoda on October 18th. A pop-up artists gallery featuring artwork from current members, alumni, and friends of the community! There will be home-brewed craft beer, mulled wine and cider as well as snacks available by donation. Doors open at 7pm. More information and fliers to come soon! Come enjoy art from various mediums, an open mic event, live music, and interactive art installations.

Check out the event on facebook for up-to-date info.

Collective Arthropoda

NCHC has official logos!

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After a rather lengthy and arduous process we have collectively agreed upon a logo. Behold the beauty, simplicity…



Much thanks to Julian Montague of F/M Design for some ideas and final touches.


Rolling Jubilee at Ol’ Wondermoth

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77.5% of American households are in debt…

The ratio of household debt to income is 154%…

62% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical illness…

Many families are forced into debt simply to fulfill basic needs…

4 years ago banks got bailed out, but we got sold out. It’s time for a People’s Bailout, it’s time for

A Jubilee! A Rolling Jubilee!  Saturday, March 23rd

Multiply your money and help each other climb out of debt

Here is a short and sweet explanation of what this event is a part of and also why it is necessary. Please take a look!

This is an all ages family-friendly party. There will be free food and snacks for everyone who attends.

There will also be finely crafted home-brewed beer available by donation, with funds going straight to freeing someone from the shackles of debt (brewed by some of the finest award-winning home-brewers in Buffalo!).

There will be a small presentation on the nature of debt and how it works and we encourage you to talk about how debt has effected you or your loved ones. There is no need to be ashamed of debt, we all have it so lets break the silence and have a healthy conversation about what we can do about it.

There will be musical entertainment from two great Buffalo artists:
GRIFFIN and Women Studies

The donation at the door is on a sliding scale of $5-30 (give what you can). Remember that every dollar we raise will get multiplied! There will also be some films available to watch on the subject of debt.

But most of all this is a party so come ready to have fun!

More info can be found here

Dream-themed Birthday Party

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Since 3 of our coop members were having their birthdays within a few days of each other, they decided to celebrate all at once. They decided to have a party whose theme was “Dreams.”

I remember great decorations, costumes, music and dancing made for a wonderful evening, one of those dreams I couldn’t quite remember when I woke up.