NCHC has official logos!

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After a rather lengthy and arduous process we have collectively agreed upon a logo. Behold the beauty, simplicity…



Much thanks to Julian Montague of F/M Design for some ideas and final touches.


Rolling Jubilee at Ol’ Wondermoth

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77.5% of American households are in debt…

The ratio of household debt to income is 154%…

62% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical illness…

Many families are forced into debt simply to fulfill basic needs…

4 years ago banks got bailed out, but we got sold out. It’s time for a People’s Bailout, it’s time for

A Jubilee! A Rolling Jubilee!  Saturday, March 23rd

Multiply your money and help each other climb out of debt

Here is a short and sweet explanation of what this event is a part of and also why it is necessary. Please take a look!

This is an all ages family-friendly party. There will be free food and snacks for everyone who attends.

There will also be finely crafted home-brewed beer available by donation, with funds going straight to freeing someone from the shackles of debt (brewed by some of the finest award-winning home-brewers in Buffalo!).

There will be a small presentation on the nature of debt and how it works and we encourage you to talk about how debt has effected you or your loved ones. There is no need to be ashamed of debt, we all have it so lets break the silence and have a healthy conversation about what we can do about it.

There will be musical entertainment from two great Buffalo artists:
GRIFFIN and Women Studies

The donation at the door is on a sliding scale of $5-30 (give what you can). Remember that every dollar we raise will get multiplied! There will also be some films available to watch on the subject of debt.

But most of all this is a party so come ready to have fun!

More info can be found here

Dream-themed Birthday Party

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Since 3 of our coop members were having their birthdays within a few days of each other, they decided to celebrate all at once. They decided to have a party whose theme was “Dreams.”

I remember great decorations, costumes, music and dancing made for a wonderful evening, one of those dreams I couldn’t quite remember when I woke up.




What a Fantastic Valentine’s Day

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Our “Beer, Food, Love” Fundraiser was a success, selling out our tickets, bringing together friends, family, acquaintances and co-opers, eating and drinking delectable food and beer and raising some cash for the beautiful, aging Granger Mansion.

There was live entertainment from our friends Scott and Claudine, a 5-course meal, 4 home-brews and a keg donated to us from the amazing local brewery Community Beerworks, a silent auction that sold most of the items and services available, and hanging out, relaxing and socializing late into the evening.

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and execute the event, and to all of the wonderful folks who decided to spend their Valentine’s Day with our community.

Beer | Food | Love

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Come join us this Valentine’s Day for a Cooperative Love Beer and Food Tasting at Ol’ Wondermoth! Who needs crowded restaurants and high-stakes dates when you can come to a community event with good food, good beer and good people!

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

6pm Doors open, 7pm Event begins

@ Ol’ Wondermoth

208 North Street, Buffalo, NY 14201

Tickets are $30 for individuals, $50 for couples for a 5 course meal prepared by chefs of Nickel City, accompanied by exquisite Beer Pairings chosen for your sensual pleasure. Read our five-course menu below!

(Work trade tickets for $20 are available but limited)

There will be a raffle of Nickel City merchandise, hours of skilled labor/crafts from our very own co-opers, and much, much more…

All proceeds will go to the Nickel City Housing Cooperative.

Register Here

For more information, please contact


Beer & Food Menu:

  • Breads & Spreads – paired with Community BeerWorks Beer : Various toasts with mapled cream cheese and a spicy bean dip; Roasted garlic bread; Toasted apple bruschetta bread
  • Fennel White Bean Soup – paired with Saison  :  Fennel & white beans in a rich broth flavored with shallots and fresh herbs
  • Assorted Quiche – paired with Frisky Beer (Herbed American Wheat Beer)  :  Feta cheese, sauteed spinach and onions baked in a savory egg batter OR Sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts baked in a silken tofu batter
  • Mushroom Bourguignon & Garlic-Roasted Mashed Potatoes – paired with Strong Ale  :  A twist on the French classic popularized by Julia Child: hearty portabella mushrooms braised with onions, carrots, tomato and spices in red wine and broth simmered to harmonic perfection, served over twice-roasted garlic mashed potatoes
  • Meringue Roulade & Raspberry Sorbet with Chocolate-Merlot Sauce – paired with Mocha Stout :  A sheet of fluffy meringue spread with a mocha crème anglais, rolled and sliced into a spiral, topped with a scoop of raspberry sorbet and drizzled with a reduction of dutch process cocoa and a rich merlot.

New Year’s Eve Room Hop Party

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We celebrated the coming of 2013 with a New Year’s Room Hop Party. What’s a Room Hop Party you ask? With well over a dozen rooms in the Granger Mansion there are plenty of places to go things to do throughout the house, so why not have a party in every room (well, almost every room)?

In the Nickel City tradition, we had a party where people create a theme for their rooms with some combination of food, drinks, decorations, music and activities. Then we go to each participating room for a while, hang out, have a drink or play a game or tie-dye some clothes or whatever, and move to the next room.

It was hella fun! We played some funky twister, tie-dyed clothes, danced, drank, played truth or dare (in several rooms), played black-jack, sang pirate songs in a make-shift pirate ship while drinking rum, jumped in piles of balloons, drank champagne and danced some more.

And we fit 17 people in a room that is practically a glorified closet!


From the wonderful folks at Nickel City Coop–HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thanks Everybody! Halloween 2012 was Awesome!

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Thanks to everyone who came out (dressed in amazing costumes) to support Nickel City Coop and have a good time at another epic Halloween Party.

It was as much a fundraiser as it was a party, and we raised enough money to send 9 people to NASCO Institute this year!

Thanks to Signo Vinces, Ginger James and Pyromance for their great performances. Extra-special thanks and shout-out to DJ Romeo for keeping the party dancing for 3 hours with an amazing mix of mash-ups and party tunes, old-school and new.