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Ol’ Wondermoth,  208 North Street, aka the E. W. Granger Mansion.

Ol' Wondermoth outside pic

“Ol’ Wondermoth” is an anagram of “North (and) Elmwood”.


Plankton House,  126 Fargo Avenue.

Plankton House outside

Plankton is mainly named after the plants/animals for their trait of drifting along together.


A little more about Ol’Wondermoth…

NCHC_wondermoth_1 The first floor living room.

NCHC_wondermoth_3 The bike room!


View of our fair city from Ol’ Wondermoth’s third floor.



Woodwork done by Wondermothers in one of our first floor bedrooms, featuring repurposed wood!


The Freestore at Ol'Wondermoth is where you can take what you want and give what you don't!

Ol’ Wondermoth features a Free Store! Got some old stuff that’s ready to move on? Put it on the shelves! You might just find a new treasure for yourself. And you don’t need to be a resident to utilize it!

More on Plankton to come soon!